#I think the best bit about this #is the way John sort of stares for a second into space #as if he’s repeating that over in his head to make sure sherlock really said that #and then is just like #i mean really sherlock you’re so smart but you’re so dumb jesus #and lestrade looks like he’s biting down on something idk

I love that I don’t know who’s the sassy bitch in this scene.

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this is how it goes down, 100 percent real, this is it:

john “falls” from his chair, even though he sat forward in it fine just minutes earlier. He “catches” himself on Sherlock’s knee and rights his seating. Before he removes his hand, he looks at it, looks at Sherlock to gauge his reaction, and when sherlock looks kinda like “???” THEN he pulls back

unequivocally john was testing the waters with the grope, fight me

And then he says “I don’t mind”

I don’t mind that I’m touching your knee, which is incredibly intimate

I don’t mind that you look more than interested

I don’t mind that I’m getting married

I don’t mind whatever happens next

I don’t mind I don’t mind I don’t mind

You are so transparent, John Watson.

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